THE main thing!

Everything else is just methods, support and warm fuzzies.

If you rescue a trafficked person.  Awesome!  Now what?

If you restore a rescued trafficked person.  Amazing!  Now what?

If you prosecute the perpetrator. Good job!  Now what?

If you provide means of prevention. Super! Now what?

While each of these actions is needed and should be applauded, if the question “now what?” Is left unanswered the long term effect will be lost.

Rescue, restore, prosecute.  Use these tools to impact present lives. But these are not enough!

Do not leave out the reason for doing these things.  The main thing is the Gospel.  The Gospel cries out for us to show the lost – harmed and harmer – to their Maker, Savior and Lord so that  entire ways of thinking, and behaving change. A world-view shift is the only lasting impact.

Rescue, restoration and prosecution exist because understanding of the Gospel and the love God has for mankind do not prevail.  The Gospel has to be THE main thing.  THE driving purpose.

When the Gospel flourishes, it will push back against the unfathomable evils that man perpetrates.  Where it shrinks away, evil will triumph.

That is why Incurable Fanatics exists.  We use whatever means is available, wherever we work, Asia or US, to demonstrate the love of Christ so that God is worshipped far and wide.   The Gospel truly is the only power strong enough to fight evil.

Join the battle with us.  Tax deductible donations made here.

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