Disrupted Lives

When plans are disrupted.  When the ability to plan around those disruptions goes away.  When that inability extends on and on and…….on.

Familiar?  Who isn’t.

At risk. 

When these things happen in a community already brittle because the default setting of life is not rooted in the Gospel, a disruption of this magnitude is vast in breadth and depth.   Children are frequently lost in the wake or disruption, “trampled” by those who should care for them.  I am not being dramatic.  This is real.  This is the rolling effect of Covid across our nation and around the world.

Yes, I agree, it is tragic that people suffer and some die of Covid, but there is an even more widespread form of suffering – Abuse.  Child abuse.

In our area of work for the last 6 years, Cambodia, the level of Covid infections TOTAL is 275.  Recovered total is 274.  There is 1 active case and no deaths.  I cannot explain how they have escaped what the rest of the world has suffered but, I can speak to the rapid rise in threat to child safety and the rise in the awful things adults with spare time do to vulnerable kids.  While the infections from Covid are low in Cambodia the rolling effect of child trauma has dramatically and quietly increased.  The unofficial reports are the wave hitting kids is huge.

We are asking the Lord about a return to the work we thought was turning a corner.  In reality, it has turned some very critical corners.  But now there are new “corners” to face.  Please join us in praying about what is next that He would have us do.

Join us in the battle to claim new ground and reclaim areas that have reverted back.  Pray the power of God will help those lead workers to persevere.

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