Time to talk turkey

imageWe will be back in Cambodia and re-energized (and I will add, healed) in time to search for a turkey (albeit likely pretty skinny) and all the fixins’ and our own celebration of Thanksgiving.

This was not our schedule or plan. We had planned to be preparing to return to the states for Christmas with our family, but God had a different plan. It involved an unexpected blessing. His ways and plans are so much better than mine.

A year ago we spent Thanksgiving with an amazing family in their home in Jefferson City as we longed for our work in Cambodia. Now one year later, little did we realize what the next 12 months would entail.  Amazing, powerful, life changing work.  Cancer, healing, return to the task.

I am grateful for each day of life. I awake each morning and wonder why? Why did God choose to extend his mercy to me and cure my illness? There will come a day when my “cure” will be to graduate and go home to be with my Lord but right now that cure is to remain on this earth. So the answer to why seems abundantly clear to me. He still has work on His agenda for me to engage in. So, this morning I woke up here, on earth. The only answer I have to “why me?” is He made that choice. I know I have not earned it nor do I have any special thing to offer in my service to Him. He just willed it to be so. I need no other answer to why.

So the tickets are purchased. We depart for Phnom Penh on 11 November arriving in PP at midnight on the 12th. At noon on the 13th (we will sleep in a little) we will be back with our beloved friends in Svay Pak, Cambodia. Back to the work we are so wonderfully blessed to have in front of us, the Rescue|Restoration|Reintegration|Prevention of child-sex trafficking globally. We are in it to end it.

And we will give thanks to the Lord for confirming the work of our hands.

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭90:17‬ ‭ESV‬‬”

For your prayers and support, I extend my deepest appreciation. Please remember us for yet another year in your prayers and to your friends and associates as the topic of child-trafficking and the battle to end it emerges in our western society. This is a battle for which the Gospel has ready answers. We just need believers to respond, especially men who will lead other men into the light.

Blessings to you. May your Thanksgiving be a time of understanding even more fully that the great Blesser is even greater than the blessings He bestows.

If you are a financial supporter of our work, please know that we are unable to fully express to you the depth of our appreciation.  You make our continued work to Rescue|Restore|Reintegrate|Prevent child-sex trafficking possible.  This is when enabling is a good thing.

If you have not yet become involved with us financially, please consider this opportunity to engage with us to end this modern day atrocity.  Use the DONATE tab at the top of this page to see how you, your church or your business can sponsor us.  We welcome your support of any amount.  All donations are tax deductible when made through this page.