New Vision School extends huge THANK YOU

One of the works of Incurable Fanatics has been to train and empower local leaders, those who suffer with the bad and rejoice with the good right in their own neighborhood, to stop the circumstances of child trafficking themselves.  Say NO, and then put action to the words.

At New Vision School Cambodia this is what these young leaders are doing.  Changing their own lives and building a better future for the children in their community.

Covid 19 hit and the tuition stopped because jobs stopped.  Jobs stopped because factories closed.  Many schools went bankrupt in short order.  Many closed and terminated teachers.  At New Vision School, the work is not just about the classroom.  It is about changing their world.  So the teachers went on 1/2 salary but kept working so they could keep track of the children, their safety and provide at home lessons.  All while no tuition was being received.

But generous donors stepped up to form a bridge to help them continue on.  And they have.

And they want to say thank you.  Watch the short video.  It is a real THANK YOU.

If you would like to support the work, tax deductible donations are received DONATE HERE


Watch VIDEO LINK: New Vision School expresses huge THANK YOU to donors