A story you need to hear: Toha’s story

A story worth sharing.

As you prepare for Thanksgiving this week in America, please remember to be thankful for the rescue and restoration of Toha and others just like her here in Cambodia and around the world.  The story is hard to hear, but the victory should be shouted from the mountain tops.

God is not dead!  He is alive and we see His work in the lives of those we get to work with here.  Please consider sharing this with other folks who may share your desire to see child-trafficking come to an end here, there and EVERYWHERE.


We are thankful for those who follow and support our work both in prayer and finances.  On this Thanksgiving we will not be with our family in the states but will be with some of our brothers and sisters in Christ here who are our co-laborers in the work to end one of our generations great atrocities.  We will be thanking the Lord for our prayer and financial supporters who give the team here the opportunity to engage in the front lines of this work.

Join us in the fight.  Support the work .

Need a speaker for an upcoming event on the fight to end trafficking?  Contact us, we can help.  pete@aim4asia.org

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