What does it mean?

There are an estimated 27 million people trapped in modern day slavery, some estimates are as high as 40 million. Who can know the real number? Even at the low end of 27 million, this is higher than at any time in the history of man. This is incredible. This is incredulous. How can this be in a day with more education, more technology, more “enlightened” thinking?

It is happening because so few people are moved to act. There are many who gasp, cry and shrink away not wanting to imagine the life of a modern day slave but few are willing to find their own path to ACT. Please be among those who ACT.

FREE27.ORG is a gateway for those who want to support the work of Modern Day Abolitionists, Pete & Debbie Livingston and their work in Asia and the US to create opportunities for victims to get out and for others to help. Your tax deductible donation | DONATE HERE | through the 501(c)3 organization, IOM (International Outreach Ministries) will go right to work in educational programs that are transforming high risk communities and vocational opportunities for those who desire an honorable life. If there are not opportunities on the recovery side of escape to gain education and honorable employment then escape only means starvation and certain death or re-entry in the “care” of trafficking handlers.

An amazing 80% of the victims are women and 50% children, yes, children. Those least capable of helping themselves are those most vulnerable and those that we, INCURABLE FANATICS seek your support to help.

We are pleased to have McIntyre Law engage with us in his battle.  They count freedom as a cause worth their commitment.  Contact McIntyre Law for your legal representation.  They are great folks.

This can be ended. Don’t turn away. Find your way to act. Engage locally and worldwide.
1. Search the internet for human trafficking organizations in your city and state.

2. Offer support through your church or business. Become a place of hope for those who need just a glimmer.

3. Today, you can DONATE through this portal and begin your involvement.
Cry for a moment, engage for a life!

I’m not your boss, your banker or your boy……..

“I am not your boss your banker or your ‘boy” but I am your brother and I am here to help you change your world; to make a safe place for your family, gain an education for your children and an honorable income from your work. Together, we will change this world.”

These are some of the world changing young leaders that are empowered through our donors.

This is how I begin each of my sessions with the wonderful people I get to work with in Asia who desire to change the circumstances of poverty and illiteracy that hinder their ability to provide for themselves and in the process we uncover what the Gospel teaches about the sanctity of life so that with the education and with the honorable job they stop trafficking of children into sex slavery. They begin to make freedom choices in their own communities. Acknowledging that man is made in the image of God is a major step and perhaps the most permanent step for a trafficking culture to recognize and accept.

“Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.’  Genesis 1:26 ESV”

Now going on three years engaged in the work in Asia, we find some very distinct expectations from the people we are called to engage:

  1.  They expect that Americans (and any foreigners) will come in and insist on being the boss.  After all, they are bringing the money and “expertise” and call it “their work”.  The people have come to expect that we will be their boss and they will just be workers or at best middle managers with very little authority.
  2. They expect we will become the bankroll to do whatever work is undertaken.  Foreigners are wealthy (by comparison this is correct) and if they come all this way they must be rich and willing to pay for whatever needs to be done.
  3. If a national can find a patron, someone who will bankroll the native persons own ideas, they often expect that we will just do as they wish and send short-term teams who drop goods, money and take lots of pictures but really have low expectations and very little accountability.
  4. There is a however a growing group of national young leaders who desire something much different.  They desire responsibility and accountability.  They also want someone to walk with them as an equal, not a boss, not a banker, not a “boy” but a brother.  This is what we find so engaging, effective and powerful.  This is what our supporters empower us to do.

The longer I am engaged in the battle to end modern day slavery, the more I see exactly the same pressures in our American culture and exactly the same tragic child trafficking results.  Weak families, poor education, very limited job opportunities and a disregard for the sanctity of life lead to the same end results in first world countries as we see in third world countries.  It is real.  It is real bad.  It is really wrong and it is really changeable.

An entry level item from a village fighting to end the atrocity of trafficking in their own community

We are stateside right now selling goods made in our village work programs.  Villages where planted churches, previously marginalized in Buddhist communities are now gaining influence as they assist their own friends and family in education, economic opportunity and knowing the Good News of the Gospel.

If you are a supporter, we cannot express to you the depth of our appreciation and the significance of your support.  If you are a supporter, our effort is your effort; we are teamed together in this work.  Share the stories.  Create awareness.  When you hear the tragic stories, cry for a moment then fightback for a lifetime.

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