Joy Unimaginable

Sometimes in this battle for lives trapped in modern day slavery, it seems as hopeless as painting over termite infested walls and patching Spacklinga few holes; like we are only making things look better. But then it happens, someone sees there is hope and a future in Christ and there is joy unimaginable.  Truly, we are seeing enormous progress and new life directions are becoming more common. So is the end to the filth of treacherous perpetrators. Every rescue uncovers more victims deeper within the travesty of human trafficking. More opportunities to set captives free with an understanding of the work of the Gospel.

Recently, a young, very young girl just 7 years old, was caught in the trap of a brothel and efforts to find her have not been fruitful and this brings frustration. But knowing that the helpless need help and that Christ sent help for me when I was helpless, I know we are right in the middle of what is right to do. These are thoughts I have at the end of a long week when I must remind myself that we are working with and seeing change one life at a time. Freedom is slow but it is happening.

When one child is imagedelivered from a trafficked life, or one family gains enough work so that their children are not for sale, then we know it is a very worthy work. Even just one life is worth all the effort. As the Word of God says, when Christ enters in, “all things are new”. When a generation or two fail to understand the Gospel, they fall into natural choices and that leads quickly and deeply into horrendous sin. That is Cambodia, that is much of the world where the Gospel has not yet penetrated the lives and living of people. Following Christ is so much more than just saying a prayer and being baptized or growing up in a Christian family or going to church. Following Christ is actually about letting him lead your daily life. Not some decisions but all decisions. And that following, as these victims and high risk families are learning, takes them to a joy unimaginable. This is our work. This is our joy. To our supporters, this is your joy too!

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One Life, One Village at a time.

There is a certain glitter and sparkle in the eyes of child when they look up to their mommy’s eyes. This gaze acts like a magnet drawing them together for the great celebrations of joy in life and through the most tragic of circumstances. Moms and their kids can connect without words. It only takes a look, a meeting of the eyes and all that needs to be said is said.

traffickedOr, so it should be. Increasingly in the world today it does not work that way.

Slavery is outlawed in every country in the world, and yet it exists widely. There remain enormous, almost unbelievable, numbers of individuals trapped in slavery. The most commonly accepted estimate is 27 million people worldwide RIGHT NOW serving in some capacity by threat of force, drugs, starvation, harm to family and other means of coercion. This figure is staggering.

80% of all slaves are sex slaves, 50% are children, many not even yet teenagers. It is possible to get lost in the magnitude of the atrocity and wonder if fighting back can make a difference. Not only can it make a difference, it is!

We have engaged in work where the sparkle is gone from the eyes of many. We have emersed ourselves in a place where mommy has frequently been a dangerous person. Where mom and dad are sometimes the most vile people in a child’s life.

SilversmithTogether we are doing more than rescue kids and more than prosecute traffickers. Together we are entering villages and educating the children for the future. We are establishing micro-businesses that provide positive economic opportunities. We train the next generation of teachers and community leaders. We work alongside the local church to see that the Gospel permeates village life.

Together, we are seeing change. Together, we are making a difference. Together, we are ending the atrocity of sex trafficking one community at a time. You may have a part in all of this.

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