The Growing Impact

Education does not make one better.  More knowledgeable yes, but not better as a person.  But it does seem to bring confidence and certainly it brings respect when achievements are made.

This week, we celebrate the college graduation of two of our original teachers.  Seng Thida, BA Education, and Ah Thoun, BA Education.   Both are part of our original team at New Vision School where they still serve today.  Both come from tragic backgrounds but have overcome the world with a passion for Christ.  We are so proud of both of them.
They are quite likely our next school leaders as we ask God to allow us to expand this model.   More children, more communities, more Gospel seeds and more plants growing up like Thida and Thoun (pray for Sarey and Sokny next).  Community changers with the confidence and now respect from hard earned degrees.   And oh my, the respect their parents get now in their home villages because of the accomplishments of their daughters.
And we get to watch, encourage and help chart a growing course.
Thank you for your support.  It gives Debbie and I confidence, stamina and courage to know you are with us.
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