Not Exactly Enough

This morning I wake and feel heaviness in my heart.  Our sweet brothers and sisters in Cambodia are experiencing starvation in some places due to the extreme lockdown due to Covid outbreak. Lockdown is so tight that people cannot leave their homes or where they were visiting when the lockdown went into effect.  The lockdown hit during a period of significant population movement for a national holiday, Khmer New Year.  People are stuck.

One egg a dayFood is gone from some markets.  Income has evaporated as workers can’t get back to work. Starvation is actually now being reported.  Even in the city, some folks have 1 egg a day and some have rice.

Saturday night I received a call from a young woman, the first girl we rescued.  She has never asked us for anything.  We have stayed in contact with her after her rescue and during her recovery program.  We were invited to her wedding over a year ago.  She became a believer and has been tracking well.  Saturday she called me on FB Messenger and told me she had not eaten in 2 weeks.  She and her husband were visiting her sister in a remote village and were now trapped until the lockdown is ended.  No access to food.  No way for us to get some to her – yet.

And she is 7 months pregnant.

But God!   Some of my favorite words.  Pray that God opens the door for food to arrive at their feet.  That God would make a way and be glorified in doing it.

But feeling sad is not exactly enough.  Food is not exactly enough.  More than anything I am asking for prayer.  That will be exactly enough.

Christ was moved to act out of feelings of compassion and we are to be imitators of Christ (Ephesians 5:1).  Feeling bad is the reaction that is to lead us to act.  Christ frequently acted out of compassion.  There is no action you can take that I can point you to EXCEPT PRAYER.  Prayer is the primary action in this case.  Don’t let the feelings be wasted.  Act in prayer.   Please pray fervently and we will see what God will do.

Thank you.


Yes, Child exploitation in the US is on the rise.

©271 EAK MOTO/shutterstock.comWe are hearing more about human-trafficking in the US due to the flow of lives across our southern border, many are children who are accompanied to the border from the south and are abandoned as soon as the “adult” transporting them can flee into the US.

This is human trafficking:

“the unlawful act of transporting or coercing people in order to benefit from their work or service, typically in the form of forced labor or sexual exploitation.”

The purpose of this post is not political.  It is protective.  The children being exploited as “tickets” to cross into the US in a presumed family are frequently exploited sexually along the way to our border and then abandoned without education, income, safety or guardians once they get across our border.  Such children are then prime for another round of exploitation after arriving in the US.

Be against human-trafficking.  For the safety of the children,  be against it.  Don’t pretend it isn’t happening or is just a handful of cases.  It is dominant and the success of exploiting children in this way increases the number of people who do it.

Stop it!

Join us in the battle.  Invite us to hold a Human Trafficking Awareness Event in you church, school, business or neighborhood.

You alone can make a difference.