Entrapments with a high cost

The travel is long, but far more convenient and comfortable than the missionaries who paved the trail that we now follow.  We have far less fear of unknown acceptance than those who arrived in these places a hundred years ago, even 50 years ago. Survival to be able to share is not so great a concern.  Today, it is peoples coolness to considering eternal consequences of knowing the ONE true God.  Trinkets and toys, power and prosperity; life today and what it offers have all placed a powerful filter over the eyes and hearts of people.  It is not automatic to consider,  “where will I go when I die?
How to prepare, how to know about going to heaven or hell seems to be a distant concern.  It is our work to make that a present concern.  It is not our job to convict or convince but it is our work to create awareness. So many have no answer and seem so unwilling to even confront the question.
The absence of the Gospel results in atrocities to mankind.  Including child trafficking which to us is the spotlight showing us the communities where we should focus our work. The communities where only changed hearts can provide lasting changed culture.
Riches, power, control and fame are the entrapments that lure many away from truth.  Like a mouse to cheese, many go for the cheese and the result is never what was expected.
Dear friends and supporters, please pray for our effectiveness even more than “safe travels”.  As we work with the rising generation of leaders in Cambodia, it is our privilege.  It is your gifts that enable us to be engaged.  To be offering the most useful years of our lives to the work we are privileged to do.  We hope in the end, we will draw many to the facts of the truth.
Too much is at stake, for too many people to not use every ounce of energy God gives us for His work.
“As for me and My house, we will serve the Lord.”
       ~ Joshua 24:15
We plan to be running full-out when heaven calls us home.
This is an invitation to you to partner with us if this cause seems right to you.
Merry Christmas and thank you for being part of our support team.

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