If they were here……

I cannot bring an end to the flow of thoughts that takes me to the young children who this week, instead of heading off to elementary school, were given a very different education experience. No ABCs or 123s. For them the experience was awful torture, abuse and twisted sex. Learning about the God designed differences between men and women and finding that it is not something of beauty but rather something of terror. This has to be one of the greatest atrocities of man’s existence. Kindergarten and elementary kids being used by adults for selfish gratification, now that is just ugly. If it was within my power to eradicate sin from the face of the earth, I believe I would start with this. This is why we are going. It is why we are asking for help to get there.

pink roomDebbie and I look forward to looking into the eyes of rescued and recovering children who will look to us as adults who, perhaps for the first time, are people they might just trust. In the New Testament, James tells us that it is “pure and undefiled religion to care for the widows and orphans.” Their defilement becomes our opportunity to practice pure religion. What will it be for these kids to feel the love of God through the hands and arms of people he has called to reach out to them?

I can only imagine what their lives would be if they were here. If they were here……. But they are not, so we must go there and Rescue, Restore, Reintegrate and Prevent.


Kids just get it!

Kids just get it, don’t they?

They just cut through all the fluff and tell it like it is. I love to hear my grand-kids pray- they get close to the ears of God.

The same is true of missions. Twice this week God has shown me the power of kids when they get on fire for the cause of kingdom around the world.

Many of you know, we are moving to Cambodia at year end to work with Agape International Missions, a Christian organization rescuing and restoring children ravaged by the evil of sex trafficking. In an age appropriate manner we have shared with young ones around us God’s burden to rescue these children and bring them into the kingdom of God.

We feel so strongly about this cause, we are selling everything and are raising our own support. Thinking we were directing our fund raising efforts to adults, we have almost missed seeing the beauty of kids totally sold out for God.

ToysOur grands have rounded up all they had to offer God (toys) and are offering them for sale so Memaw and Poppy can go to the mission field (sniff, sniff) What a picture of sacrifice to the 3-7 year old mind.

One of my homeschool friends has her children studying Cambodia and praying daily for “those people going to rescue kids from the bad guys.” Wow! Wonder woman and Superman for the cause of Christ. Kids letter to GodHer little 4 year old son was adamant about writing a letter to God praying for Him to provide for the children. Man, those scribbles are precious to me and to God!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

To my precious grandchildren and all the little ones in my life, keep it up- be missionaries for the kingdom of God. Maybe one of them will be the next Gladys Aylward, Amy Carmichael, or Adoniram Judson! Show us big folks the simplicity of faith and the pure gift of giving out of everything you have.

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It was the Hindu floating village

Hindu floating villageIt was the Hindu floating village in Thailand that did it.

Many years ago, on our first overseas mission trip to Southeast Asia, we took an afternoon off to get in a Thai flatboat and go visit a floating village. Out in the middle of the Andaman Sea were hundreds of wood fishing shacks on floating platforms lashed together, hundreds of them. There was even a school, post office and Hindu temple.

I’ll be honest, I was creeped out by this place and I begged God on the boat ride to shore to NEVER, NEVER CALL ME TO MINISTER TO THAT PLACE!!

Boy, never say never to God.

In 2004, when the Indian Ocean super tsunami hit the Asian mainland caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, 250,000 were swept away into eternity, most without God.

I was shocked, broken, ashamed and grieved for years over my selfishness and my telling God what he could and could not do with my life. I was brokenhearted for those souls lost in southeast Asia. In repentance, I embraced the fact that my life , “was not my own, I was bought with a price. Therefore, I was to honor God with my body.” (I Corinthians 6:19-20) And so, I laid down my life in submission to WHATEVER God called me to do.

Fast forward, March 2014.

In a hotel room in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the only English speaking tv channel was broadcasting the CNN Freedom Project (http://youtu.be/3oQX1DT71x4) . They related the modern day holocaust of child sex trafficking right there in Cambodia. Scenes of that Hindu floating village and its lost souls came to mind, as Pete and I submitted to a new radical call with Agape International Missions in Svay Pak, Cambodia assisting in the restoration and reintegration of these precious children rescued from the evil of sex trafficking.

God called me with this verse, “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners… (Isaiah 61:1)”

Do you bargain with God?

Lord, I can’t stay in this marriage any longer?
Lord, don’t make me go to the jungles of Africa?
Lord, we can’t live on this salary ?
Lord, I can’t parent this rebellious teenager any longer?
Lord, never, never, never give me cancer?

Repent and submit to God’s radical yet often difficult plan for your life. Embrace the cross, He paid the price and gets to call the shots with your life.

“ Roll your works upon the Lord, and He shall make His thoughts become your thoughts, and THEN your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16:3)

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Hearts captured – Incurably

As Debbie and I tell the story of our trip to Cambodia last March, the trip that is setting our lives in a wildly new direction, the most frequent words I hear are these “no way, not little kids!”

Sadly, it is true, yes, little kids. That is why we cannot pretend we do not know, we cannot pretend we have something more significant to do, we cannot pretend that because it is over there it is not our job to step in, we cannot pretend that God has not called believers to open their eyes to the lostness of the world and step in. We cannot pretend he has not asked us to obey him and go.

In March, when we had just returned from a long prayer walk in Phnom Penh, we returned to our hotel and flipped on the TV. It was just a week or so after the Malaysian Air flight had gone down somewhere in the Indian Ocean, we wanted to see if there was news of the search. What we found was this CNN Freedom Project video. It is nearly an hour documentary so find a spot where you can watch at least 10 minutes and determine if you want to see the rest.

This is the scenario that has shaken our lives.


Child at risk
Child at risk
I am often asked, “at what age does a child understand sin.” Most often, here in this country, folks are wondering when a child understands right and wrong. The age at which they recognize the ability of man to be evil toward his fellow beings.

There is a group of children that learn very very young that evil can be done by one to another. There are places where children learn that adults commit evil acts even on them. There are places in the world where children learn about sex from an adult who enslaves, tortures and rapes them.

These kids understand sin. They learn of it early in life. Way too early. Way before they can protect themselves. And they need to be rescued, restored and reintegrated.

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1:27 ESV”

Will you pray about and consider supporting the work to redeem these children?


Bella’s Story

This is a story of redemption. A young girl, tragically mistreated by those who should have cared for her. Those whom she should have been able to trust with her life. But, that’s not how it worked out. At least not until Agape International Missions stepped in.

This video is the actual first person story of Bella. The rest you will just have to see and hear.


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The Decision to Go

LuggageThe decision to go to Cambodia actually began many years ago for me (Pete). Honestly, my decision was a series of decisions. Unrelated in many ways but quite entangled in critical ways. While it was not actually a decision to go to Cambodia, in 1986 I made the decision to do whatever God required of me even if it seemed crazy. I was just going to obey. So, there have been many decisions since that time that bring me to this time of choosing to go to Cambodia. I changed my life priorities because God showed me in the Bible that I had things wrong. He became first, my wife became second and our children third, work fourth. That is what obedience looked like to me.

Then came my career. Spending close to 20 years in business with a very good track record of success, God pointed me into ministry. I changed because God showed me through the Bible that I need to turn to eternal “building” instead of earthly building.

There are many decisions. Many. All bringing us to this time in my life when many men are considering retirement and God has shown us a need in Cambodia that appears to be a match for the life experience God has given me. There is a companion match for the life experience God has given Debbie. How can I ask God to send workers into the field and then ignore when the need over seas is for someone like me? I can’t. I won’t. I must go.

It really is about obeying Him in all things.

Fighting for kids

Send helpOver the next few months, we will describe the process and decisions leading to our move to Cambodia to join the amazing team of Agape International Missions in the the fight against sex trafficking of children. Debbie will be training teachers and writing curriculum while Pete directs the operation of reintegration programs in a neighborhood called Svay Pak just to the north of Phnom Penh.