When the work gets bigger than life!

Life offers few experiences so full, deep and exhilarating that they turn you inside out. We are in the midst of just such an experience as we engage in the battle to fight sex trafficking in the world.

But, darkness can be chased away!  The captives can be set free.

“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; (Isaiah 61:1 ESV)”

Look at these pictures shared by one of the members of a Entrepreneurs Roundtable I get to operate in Cambodia. Do you see the hope that is alive in these faces? These are people who have seen and felt the atrocity of sex trafficking. The have watched family members, sold away into a life where they will be abused and often they saw no way of helping.

But, Hope is alive and growing in them and it is infectious. They are changing the darkness around them to light. Wow!

To our donors, thank you. These are your people too! We really need some renewing and new partners.  Share this blog with friends who might be interested.  Together we can bring this to an end.

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Join the battle to end modern day slavery.

To host a Human Trafficking Awareness Event contact Made27 (madetwentyseven@gmail.com/www.made27.com). They will provide a speaker to your church, school, community group to help you lead the battle to fight trafficking in your area.

DO IT.  Every 30 Seconds there is a victim, between 27 and 30 million victims world-wide.  You could help save one.

2016 – See what God did through you – Thanks!

As we close the final page of the final month of 2016, those who support us financially and in prayer should know these highlights about the first 9 months of operations as Incurable Fanatics partnering with Cambodia Churches Association.

  1. Thru efforts cooperating with Made27, we held 29 US Human Trafficking Awareness Events raising a resounding alarm about this world wide atrocity reaching even a US military community in Germany.
  2. We initiated 3 Entrepreneur groups covering 9 villages with each operating through local Cambodian communities and churches to bring honorable work to families fighting poverty and the pressures of child trafficking.
  3. We have started and/or supported 10 artisan business units who now derive income that from skills they have natively as we help them sell goods beyond their local village or nearby city.
  4. We have initiated discipleship training to help young leaders grow in wisdom and biblical influence in their local community.
  5. We have worked alongside other orgs to advance education in a village once ravaged by child sex trafficking. Also we work alongside an education org to assist in English language study so that the young people gain education and work opportunities beyond the context of poverty where they live.
  6. We have developed a strong relationship with a Cambodian church planting group giving us continual opportunity to assist in village development.
  7. We have laid the ground work for a teacher training institute that will begin early in 2017 with its first group of trainees.

2017 is already looking quite full.

2017 Needs and how you can engage from afar and locally:

  • Short term volunteers to assist in the new English Teacher Training program.  Be a part of an active classroom with teachers in training and young Cambodian students in evening classes.  Give two weeks to young people who will adore your gift of teaching.
  • Short term volunteers to assist in both print and media information/infomercials to assist in the promotion and sale of village produced goods to American markets.
  • Short term volunteers to develop video media support for Awareness Events in the US.
  • Financially engaged churches on any level who partner with us to fight human trafficking, especially focused on sex trafficking of children.

For more info or details or to join our support team, visit www.IncurableFanatics.org and IOM-online.com

If you have not engaged in this modern day battle to end slavery in the world, consider that NOW might be the right time.

To offer an Awareness Event in your church, community, school or business, please contact madetwentyseven@gmail.com

Again, to our supporters, we thank God that He has touched your heart to partner with us in this work on a world-wide basis.